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To those who follow me here, I have already moved accounts to :iconthemangamaniac: 

This Account is inactive and its main purpose will be for if anything happens to my new mian account :iconthemangamaniac:

So please, follow the other account for new art, literature, and what not, there will be very little to no updates on this account.
So I have some news.

I am moving accounts to another profile, :iconthemangamaniac:. The reason you may ask?

Well long story short, I was thinking about how I wanted to try take my art more seriously, and then I thought about how cluttered, messy, and chaotic my gallery, posting times, art styles, and what not are, and thought it was time to take things more seriously I guess and be in control. This does not mean I'm giving up my fun stuff like the Ask Us, Omakes, or anything thats fun or entertaining, it just means I want to be more on top of my projects, art, and posting. The best way to that is to start a clean slate with a new account. Don't worry this profile will be up still for Back Up purposes, so there is no need to worry guys, not going anywhere, just switching accounts.

The new account is called, "TheMangaManiac" ((took out the "Zac" basically)) and I'll start getting art posted. So for the people I am art trading with, your art shall be moved there. 

So will the Ask Us, OTP Challenge, and Reference Sheets, and anything else recent or needed over there.

Anyway, thank you for reading, hope to see you at my new account
General Info:

Figments are essentially new bodies for souls, typically souls of children who never made it passed infancy. These bodies are typically made out of the same materials for stuffed animals or ragdolls, and have the soul gem of the child inside of the body. Some Figments tend to find a Child and be with them through childhood, protecting them and helping them grow up, until the child is ready to move on, seeming to act like their imaginary friends.

-They are very childlike and innocent
-Stitchings at the joints, and also on their faces.
-The are very playful
-Their mental age changes depending on the size and form of the body they are in.
-Their eye color is the same as their Soul Gem's colors ((eg, Dream's eyes are light blue because of his Diamond Soul Gem, and MoJo's are Magenta because of her Alexandrite Soul Gem))
-Their skin is often a different hue or tint than regular skin depending on the fabric of felt used.
-They are very soft and squishable, and very huggable.


If a child dies before making it pass infancy, there is a chance of Soul Gem appearing if the child had a strong will, which can be unlikely, so most usually use a spell to solidify the soul before it ascends, and it becomes a Soul Gem. The next step is to place the gem inside of its new body, and then the soul gem will start making it come to life, and the child is reborn. If wished or desired, the figment can "age" if you modify the body to look older, to which the soul will change its mental age to fit with the body. Not to mention, because dolls can be made in many ways, Figments have been classified into different sub species or races

-Rag Doll: A term for figments made of fabric, felt, or some sort of cloth, and stitched together and stuffed
-Puppet: Figments within wooden bodies, similar to that of a marionette or puppet
-Fragile: A rare case were a figment's body is made of Porcelain or some sort of fragile substance like glass, they have to be very careful. Fragiles are often treated with great care, for one wrong move and their body could be completely destroyed into thousands of pieces.
-Skin: Skins are essentially reanimated corpses, with a soul gem placed inside of the body. They are identified by the stitchings on their skin, although the only exception seems to be Freak, as his body is actually Elmer's, with no previous stitchings or scars ((besides the hole in the chest)). Because of this, with some good clothes to cover up with, Skins can practically blend into human society.

Species Abilities:

-Spontaneous Creation: Given that they are still childlike and youthful, their high amounts of imagination can brought to life thanks to their soul gems, although, only small or simple items can only be made. An amplifier is needed to make anything more complicated, but even then, a Figment can grow tired depending on what is being created.
-Natural Sewers and Cobblers: Figments are naturals at sewing, which comes in handy, especially for Rag Dolls who are made out of cloth and sewing techniques.
-Natural Wizards: If desired, Figments can become powerful wizards and witches, as their soul gems allow them to produce and control magic faster than most. Of course, a channeler is needed to produce their magic, such as a wand or ring or staff.

Soul Gem Abilities:

:iconinvaderika: already did the favor on Soul Gem powers, however Figments have different abilities, most beings do, but the list she made does explain the general powers. Anyway, this list is for the exclusive Soul Gem Powers for Figments, I'll get one for Ghosts, Golems, and anything else involving soul gems.

-Dream Walking
-Producing Light
-Holy Aura

-Peaceful Aura

-Healing Abilities

-Healing Abilities
-Dream Walking
-Holy Aura

-Thermal Vision

-Holy Aura

-Super Human Strength
-Good Fortune

-Immunity to Magic
-Holy Aura

-Holy Aura

-Holy Aura
-Dream Walking

-Super Human Strength
-High Healing Factor

-Good Fortune
-Super Human Sense
-Gem changes color if in danger

Known Figments:

-Dream Keeper ((Rag Doll))
-MoJo ((Rag Doll))
-Freak of Nature ((Skin))
-Broken Doll ((Fragile))
-Crazy Diamond ((Rag Doll))
-Ally ((Technically Skin))

Notes and Trivia:

-Figments, especially Rag Dolls, loved to be hugged, snuggled, cuddled, or held with.
-Figments were based off of how we as kids used to treat stuffed animals or toys as real people sometimes, and also were based off of Toy Story how the toys were actually alive.
-The term Figment stems from how these beings were once real humans, but became toys and were thought to be just imaginary friends to some kids.
-Most Figments have peaceful or holy auras. The reason for this is because since they died before making it past infancy, they are still pure and innocent at heart, so most tend to have a Holy Aura.
-Figments CAN be corrupted if Nightmare Fuel is injected into them, one of these examples is Crazy Diamond.
-Some Figments are not humanoid or human-like in design. Some can even be placed in animal-like bodies, yet still retain human consciousness, mentality, thought, and speech
To those who follow me here, I have already moved accounts to :iconthemangamaniac: 

This Account is inactive and its main purpose will be for if anything happens to my new mian account :iconthemangamaniac:

So please, follow the other account for new art, literature, and what not, there will be very little to no updates on this account.


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
"We usually eat donuts and biscuts for breakfast,"-me

"My God that is southern! XD"-:iconjettryu:

Jesus Freak by leficia
Get Your Facts Straight by RebiValeska
Friendly Christian by Danilee3240

My shared Yeetube:…

Name: Zac
Alias: ZacTheMangaManiac, MagnaManiac, Gunsmith, Zacax, Zac, Zman, Chaos
Age: 17
Gender: Male
State: Georgia
-Video Games
-Creepy Things
-Being that one awkward kid you see in the back in the corner of the room, earphones plugged into his ears, sketching away as he wants to draw.
Religion: Christianity ((Don't worry I wont go Frollo on you))
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Unknown
Current Projects:
-Born of Magic
-Guardian Angel
-The Hope Bringer and The Reality Breaker
-Mecha 5
-Dreamer Forever

Fun facts:
-If it weren't for an idea for a skittles video game, I wouldn't be drawing anime today
-I am the big brother to some
-I have seemed to become the words of wisdom
-If I listed more we would be here forever.

What can you expect?
-Animatics and Animations
-Pick Me Ups
-And randomness on the verge of fullblown insanity.

So yeah have fun :)

My Bestest of Bestest of Friends

((Still working on that list))

Partners in Crime:
-Writing and Characters: :iconjettryu:
-Designs and Ideas: :iconinvaderika:

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